BASF Works / Ludwigshafen

Client: BASF SE Ludwigshafen

Location: BASF Works Ludwigshafen / Germany

Scope of work:
Construction of 3 wells for process water supply. Grab excavation of D 1200 borehole to a depth of 39.0 m. Installation of DIA100 steel protective casings to a depth of 39.0 m including cementing. Confirmation of complete filling by geophysical tests. Extension of borehole by rotary airlift flush drilling from 39.0 to 102.5 m depth in diameter D = 800 mm. Installation of DIA 400 stainless steel wound-wire filters. Preliminary operation over several days to wash out turbidity. Intensive desanding and pump performance testing over several days at throughputs up to 150 m³/h.

Contract value: € 540,000