Intake Riser / Wilhelmshaven and Forth Crossing / Edinburgh

Project: Ballast for sinking of intake riser structures and bridge foundation elements

Client: Intake Riser Consortium (Bunte, Möbius, Züblin) and Joint Venture Forth Crossing (Morrision, Dragados, Hochtief)

Location: Wilhelmshaven / Germany and Edinburgh / Scotland

Scope of work:
Conception of pumping and sinking processes, installation of salt water resistant pumps and pump control systems. Installation of pipelines approx. 2000 m in length. Conception and installation of EI&C control systems. Installation of self-sufficient electric power supply station for pump system. 24/7 operation of the pump system during sinking processes. All pump system components were designed to be redundant, i.e. superfluous in the event of malfunction, for maximum operational reliability.

Contract value: € 860,000 and € 400,000