Well Drilling
For humans, water is one of the most important elements and is the symbol for vitality.

With regards to future generations, water ensures our entire welfare. For this reason, we at Hoelscher Wasserbau use targeted process technologies to protect the quality and the purity of water.

Individual solutions in the areas of groundwater treatment, site remediation, as well as landfill technology belong to our main competencies.

Our range of services:

  • Ground water treatment: Separation plants, ion exchanger plants, automation technology, EMSR, SPS, services such as operation, care and maintenance

  • Landfill technology: Landfill gas recovery, landfill leachate catchment / treatment

  • Site remediation: Soil replacement with large drilling implements, conventional excavation, future-oriented safety technology

Contact Persons

André Arens

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Well drilling

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E-Mail: arens@hoelscher-wasserbau.de
André Arens