Donation Campaign for Refugees

We all are confronted daily with images of people who arrive after weeks and months on the run from terror, violence and war in Germany and must accommodated here. Many of you have already expressed their solidarity with the refugees in various ways, such as donations or volunteer work. Nevertheless, the local authorities and aid agencies are still dependent on the support of the citizens.
That is why Hölscher Wasserbau wants to be active and participates in the campaign “Work4Help” by NOZmedien:
Every employee has the opportunity to donate the value of a gross working hour. The amount will be deducted from the payslip. The sum of the received donations will be doubled by the management.
The donation will go to the Society EXIL (Osnabrücker centrum for refugees), the Refugee Camp in Hesepe and to the Aid to Refugees of DRK district association Emsland.