Ecognition by Qatar Ministry of the Environment

In Doha the world's largest port new construction project is currently setting up. On an area of 26.5 km² port, logistics, as well as commercial spaces emerges. The investment volume of the State of Qatar is $7.4 billion.
The management of the port project company Manateq regularly carries out external audits with the Qatari Ministry of environment in the context of the environmental management process.
During the current audit, which was conducted on 2. March, the focus was on water protection. Here dozen construction companies which are involved in the port project were inspected for compliance of the discharge criteria and corresponding documentation requirements.
Dr. Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moati, head of the Department of "Water" in the Qatari Ministry of the environment (MME) was impressed by the work of the Uniquip Hölscher WLL and praised the present water quality, as well as the running self-monitoring which exceeds the prescribed inspection and documentation requirements.
Thanks to Thomas Rüsche who could explain all questions asked by the audit delegation in detail.

The photo shows the management of the port project company Manateq, as well as representatives of the Ministry of the environment (MME), responsibles of the construction management engineering company Egis, audit participants of our customer MUHIBBA, as well as in the second row our Uniquip Hölscher colleagues Abdallah Haidar and Thomas Rüsche.