Well Drilling

Construction of New BBAU 20 Well

Project: Construction of new water supply well

Client: Hamburger Wasser Werke GmbH

Location: Hamburg / Germany, Baursberg Waterworks

Scope of work:
Grab excavation of 800 mm diameter borehole 52 meters in depth by cable dredger, extension of borehole to 100 m depth in diameter of 300 mm by rotary-airlift flush drilling, installation of provisional casings for preliminary pump trials, removal of provisional casings, installation of 508 mm diameter protective-casing string to a depth of 55 m, cementing of foot of protective-casing string, expansion of borehole to D = 475 mm by rotary-airlift flush drilling to a depth of 74 m, expansion of borehole to D = 700 mm using expanding drill bit from 55 m depth to 74 m depth, installation of permanent casings, DIA 350 stainless steel wound-wire filters, desanding, pump performance test.

Contact Persons

André Arens

Business area:
Well drilling

Branch office west
Kallenbergstr. 24
45141 Essen

Phone: +49 201 83 11 624
E-Mail: arens@hoelscher-wasserbau.de
André Arens