OPAL - Pipeline

Project: Dewatering of gas pipeline construction site

Client: Sections 1 and 2: Consortium PPS Pipeline Systems - Habau, Sections 3 through 6: Ghizzoni S.p.A., Sections 7 through 10: Bonatti

Location: From Lubmin / Germany (Section 1) to Großmar / Germany (Section 10)

Scope of work:
Water table drawdown for installation of DIA 1400 gas pipeline. Overall length of pipeline: approx. 470 km. Site dewatering for 10 of a total of 14 pipeline sections over a site length of approx. 400 km, dewatering realized by approx. 130,000 m DIA 80 horizontal drainage installed by trencher (some sections including gravel fill), approx. 2100 deep wells and approx. 11,000 m of well points. Operation of 450 piston pumps and 480 submersible pumps.

Contract value: € 10.3 M