An important component of groundwater management is the monitoring of groundwater levels and the impact of water reduction on the environment.

Whether it’s drinking water production, pump control during building water storage or controlling circulation plants for groundwater and wastewater purification – thanks to state-of-the-art computer-controlled remote monitoring, you can always keep an eye on all the important key figures and operating data of your plant.

The electrotechnical controls offer effective solutions to monitor and control pumps, sensors, valves and meters comfortably without the need for a technician on site.

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With a team of almost 40 employees consisting of experienced engineers, programmers and electricians, Hölscher Wasserbau is well positioned to clarify your requirements in detail.

Precise monitoring of all important operating data and key figures

We take care of the entire integration of the control and control technology. Where and at what point data is collected, monitored and controlled is decided in advance on the basis of the specific circumstances. This is particularly advantageous for our customers, as there are no interfaces between the actual water project and the electrical supplier. This eliminates the need for coordination between the individual trades.

  • Groundwater-monitoring
  • Well-monitoring
  • Sewage-monitoring
  • Pump control





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State-of-the-art PLC control technology with computer-controlled remote monitoring of limit values and speed-controlled pump drives means maximum efficiency, safety and environmental compatibility for you. Even in the event of an alarm, the maintenance staff ensures a reaction time of minutes.

The control technology used ensures high maintenance efficiency and planning reliability via remote maintenance. With the help of the redundant design of our systems, we are well prepared for the failure of the control system, for example due to lightning strikes. While the battery-buffered spare control takes over seamlessly, the control panel automatically receives information about the failure.

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Smart Monitoring-Solutions with 
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Whether it is a construction project or environmental protection, a lowering of the groundwater level is necessary in many situations. Water management is usually done by means of wells, which have to be monitored regularly. We use state-of-the-art PLC control and control technology to ensure that our customers receive performance data such as level levels in real time. Electronic diaries ensure compliance with the statutory obligation to provide proof of water levels and flow rates.

Operating data such as water levels and volume flows can be continuously monitored and controlled with pressure and flow sensors. The measured values are transmitted via GPS to the control center or to a mobile device. This allows for round-the-clock monitoring by the maintenance staff, regardless of location. Depending on the water level, the pump performance can also be automatically regulated.

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Control systems FOR Ground- and  WASTE-WATER TREATMENT

After an on-site analysis, our team from environmental technology creates the concept for which plant is used to treat contaminated groundwater. Depending on this, the control and environmental systems are installed to visualize important indicators such as flow rates of raw water, de-sludge and dosing of auxiliaries.

Wastewater treatment plants are operated 24 hours a day, assuming 100 percent operation. The connection to a process control system ensures permanent monitoring of important limit values and protects against system component failure or prolonged interruptions. With a single click, scheduled maintenance operations such as the backwashing of water treatment plants can be carried out regularly.

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Controlling in water supply

Our technology has an important role not only in the temporary operation of wells in water management, but also in the permanent operation of water extraction and water supply. Numerous operating parameters have to be kept in mind: water level, line pressure, pump performance and many other data should be collected daily.

The use of state-of-the-art technology for the collection, storage and transmission of ground, drinking or industrial water data is becoming increasingly important. Modern groundwater data loggers provide a real-time overview of the entire plant via remote transmission.

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