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Only 3% of water resources are freshwater. Due to the increasing pressure on our natural water resources, we at Hölscher Wasserbau have made it our task to make water extracted from the cycle usable again.

Whether construction water from the dewatering on construction sites, process water from industry or contaminated groundwater from contaminated sites: with individual solutions for water treatment and water recirculation, we protect this valuable ressource.

We use modern process technologies specifically to protect the quality and purity of the water.



Our services ranges from the treatment of groundwater, construction water and process water to the remediation of contaminated groundwater or landfill leachate or condensate.


WHY Hölscher Wasserbau?

Just a few reasons why our clients choose Hölscher Wasserbau:


Consulting and planning
for your water treatment project

Development of scalable water treatment solutions in modular form

Design, operation and maintenance
of the plants from a single source

Fast and agile installtion thanks to
our own machinery 

Sampling and water analysis
acc. administrative requirements

Construction of pilot plants
in our own research centre

Treatment of large quantities of water
up to 1.000m³/h

Efficient plant automation
with PLC control

Remote monitoring and data transmission
of faults, faults and chemical status

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Depending on the type of soil from which it is extracted during construction, groundwater is polluted by:

• dissolved iron and manganese compounds
• higher levels of free carbon dioxide (CO2)
• dissolved or colloidal organic compounds
• Inorganic compounds

If the concentrations are too high, the groundwater must be cleaned to avoid environmental and natural damage when the water is discharged back into the flood or aquifer. The construction water is sampled before and during the construction work. Corresponding to the results, appropriate treatment plants are used for water purification. Plant monitoring can be controlled and automated using state-of-the-art PLC technology.

Whether in special foundation construction, tunnel construction, pipeline construction or sewer construction measures, we have a tailor-made solution for the treatment of building water for you.

Our services:

  • Sedimentation plants
  • Precipitation/flocculation/filtration plants
  • De-ironing / -manganization plants
  • Ion exchanger systems
  • Activated carbon filter systems
  • Desorption plants
  • Neutralisation systems
  • Sludge treatment/ -conditioning plants

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With our branches, we are in service throughout Germany. Contact us and we will find your individual solution.


The purification of waste water from industrial processes takes place from an environmental point of view, but also with rising costs for wastewater disposal a decisive role.

We offer you the opportunity to recycle your process water with appropriate water treatment so that you can reuse it for the production process as service water, cooling water or for steam generation. Even water purification up to drinking water quality is possible.

To do this, we assess your personal situation on site, learn about your requirements, take samples and create a tailor-made concept for a water reuse cycle. In particularly complex projects, pilot plants are built to test water purification. Initial insights can even be gained from the smallest systems in our pilot plant.

We support you in the planning and implementation of process water treatment plants. Our focus here is particularly on the further use of groundwater from remediation measures. The production of complete service water systems is also possible thanks to our own well construction.

Our services:

  • Separation of solids
  • Precipitation/flocculation/filtration plants
  • De-ironing/manganization plants
  • Ion exchanger systems
  • Activated carbon filter systems
  • Desorption plants
  • Ultra-fine filtering systems
  • Neutralisation systems


Construction water in industrial areas may contain oils, fuels and dyes. However, we can also clean up areas whose groundwater has been contaminated with substances that are now demonstrably harmful to health.

Hölscher Wasserbau has many years of experience in groundwater and ground air remediation. Furthermore, our strengths lie in the remediation of contaminated sites and the dismantling of contaminated soils. Innovative processes from our own R&D department are used.

With controlled water retention and water treatment, contaminated groundwater can be pumped out of the soil and treated without soil exchange. For example, the reintroduction takes place via ponds into the groundwater aquifer. Rainfall and the natural groundwater flow create a cycle over many years in 24/7 operation until the desired limit values are reached.

We solve your contaminated site problems, advise you individually and plan the optimal remediation concept for you. We carry out the work quickly and economically. Subsequently, we offer you individual maintenance contracts for your plant for sustainable planning security.

Our services:

  • Separation plants
  • Filtration/precipitation/flocculation plants
  • Ion exchanger systems
  • Activated carbon filter systems
  • Desorption plants
  • Ground air extraction systems
  • Automation/remote data monitoring
  • Innovative security techniques
  • Conventional excavation
  • Soil exchange with large drilling rigs
  • Neutralisation systems


At each landfill site, it shall be ensured that leachate, contaminated surface water of the landfill body and condensate from the landfill gas are collected separately from other unpolluted waters occurring in the landfill area. We attach great importance to a case-by-case selection of the most suitable process combination, since the individual leachates differ greatly in their quality, quantity and range of variation.

We advise you individually and support you in planning the optimal mounting system for you. Compliance with technical rules, laws, regulations and safety and health protection is crucial for us. In addition to installing the leachate collection systems, we also guarantee reliable maintenance for sustainable operational safety.

Its core competences include the manufacture of gas wells, the installation of collection pipes and the construction of gas collection stations.

Our services:

  • Landfill gas intake
  • Landfill leachate collection
  • Landfill leachate treatment

What is your project?


Our Services for your project



HW-DSI® Reinfiltration


By using the hw-dsi® nozzle unit, a suction effect can be generated in the closed system during infiltration, with which the water is discharged into the target horizon. This allows higher infiltration rates than conventional methods.

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Recover service water for your industrial processes with your own wells. We carry out all the necessary work, from soil probing to properly dimensioned well boreholes to pump installation. Our service water systems ensure that your operating water, for example, is free of lime or salts.

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Not only when lowering the groundwater level, but also when treating contaminated water, it is important to keep an eye on all important indicators. The most modern PLC control technology with computer-controlled remote monitoring enables you to achieve the highest level of cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental compatibility.

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