When building sites below the groundwater level, actions to lower the water level are unavoidable. In addition to selecting the right drainage process, the protection of our groundwater balance is playing an increasingly important role.

Temporary lowering of groundwater levels can also have serious consequences, such as the settlement of buildings or the drying up of wetlands and springs. In order to avoid such damage, it is advisable from an ecological and economic point of view to use clean infiltration systems for groundwater subsidence.


Keep the impact on the aquifer as low as possible

When groundwater is removed and discharged into surface waters or even into sewerage systems, it is permanently removed from the natural groundwater cycle.

Conventional gravity infiltration
and innovative hw-dsi® infiltration

We offer common methods for clean infiltration such as gravity infiltration wells, seep slits or drainage systems. However, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas, these technologies are often impractical or costly due to the space required.

With the patented hw-dsi® process, we have developed a particularly gentle method for clean filtration in order to keep the impact on the groundwater body as low as possible. Thanks to special drilling measurement technology, the nozzle suction filtration system (DSI) makes it possible to infiltrate leachate much faster, more efficiently and more effectively into the soil layers. In contrast to conventional infiltration methods, hw-dsi® requires only one expansion of the well of DN50 – DN100.

your benefits of the hw-dsi®-method

  • Recirculation of large quantities of water into the aquifer
  • Combination with all forms of dewatering
  • Little increase in groundwater level
  • Less crop damage
  • Reducing the burden on urban areas
  • Cost-effective, as only small holes are needed
  • Very energy efficient, since no pumps are needed (soge effect)
  • Huge reduction of the discharge quantities of up to 100% of the discharge water
  • Elimination of water abstraction and discharge charges
  • Simplified authorisation procedures

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Areas of application of the hw-dsi®-method

Practice with the nozzle suction filtration system has shown that less water has to be removed from the excavation pit and the infiltration works without adversely affecting the excavation pit and the sinking target.

  • 100 % reinfiltration
  • Water treatment: In-Situ Cleaning
  • Groundwater barriers
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Protecting buildings by permanently lowering the groundwater
  • Reinfiltration of municipal water management: seepage of rainwater





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No construction project is like the other. Trust in over 60 years of experience in water management to be able to execute your construction project without delay or other adversities. In doing so, we examine not only the economic dimension, but also the effects of large-scale groundwater subsidence.

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Water treatment

Reinfiltration systems can also be connected to water treatment plants. Innovative methods are used to feed the treated groundwater back into the aquifer with the same groundwater level outside the shafts.

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Control the influence on the aquifer by means of EMSR technology when groundwater abstraction in combination with pure infiltration systems. This allows you not only to check important metrics such as level, water quantity or level display, but also to document these interventions right away.

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